Located about 2 hours northwest of Bangkok, Suphan Buri (สุพรรณบุรี) is one of Thailand’s 76 provinces. Within the Suphan Buri province, I live in the town of Suphanburi. While this sounds confusing, it is actually fairly typical for provinces and towns within Thailand to share the same name. I enjoy living in Suphanburi because I feel like my experience of Thailand is much more genuine. As much as I love traveling throughout Thailand on the weekends, sometimes it’s nice to just relax at home. Ironically, I escaped a small town in California only to find myself in another small town in Thailand! Throw in an entirely different culture and language, small town life becomes a bit more of a challenge. I have discovered a few things I really love to do on the weekends that I would recommend to other travelers. If you happen to be passing through Suphanburi (as most tourists do) on the way Bangkok or Ayutthaya, I would recommend the following based on my experiences.

Top 5 Things To Do in Suphanburi

1.  Nee Home Spa  

If you are planning a visit to Thailand, you have to get a massage. Not only are massages a fun thing to do in between eating and sightseeing, they are also incredibly affordable (compared to the USA). “Nee Home Spa” is located in the center of Suphanburi, across from the clocktower and to the left of the 7/11. This particular spa offers facials, full body massages, and steam cleansing. I like to get the Traditional Thai Massage, which costs ฿300 ($8.50) for 60 minutes. After the massage, the masseuses treat you to tea. Needless to say, massages have become my past time.

2. The Mill’s Cafe 

I have written about this cafe before, but any “farang” that has lived in Suphanburi will also tell you that it’s the best. Jung (the owner) makes the most incredible desserts and coffee; (red velvet brownies and espresso ice cubes with soy milk, oh yes). Mill’s sits behind the Chao Phraya River; which makes for an incredibly relaxing atmosphere (twinkling lights on the banisters and all). I love coming here to read a book or work on a lesson plan.

3. Samchuck “100 Years Market” 

I was taken here for the first time by the family of a student I tutor. Sam Chuck is the oldest market in Suphanburi. This is such a fun place to go to because it is so (how do I say this?) Thailand. There are over 100 stalls in the market, making it a place you could stay for hours if you really wanted to. Walking through the market, I saw slabs of raw meat and fish (eek!) and children playing the ranat (a trough-resonated keyboard percussion instrument). I also tried some Japanese-style ice cream in a balloon, and sampled various traditional Thai desserts. This is a wonderful place to go to learn more about about Thailand’s unique history and culture.

4. Suphanburi Football Club “The War Elephants” 

I went to my first game when the football season began last week. Phil and I bought tickets to the game the day of for ฿100 each ($3.00). To say the least, the game was full of spirit and very entertaining (imagine about 10 Thai guys singing on megaphones and beating on drums unanimously). After the game, we had trouble finding a tuk tuk to take home so a police officer gave us a ride home! Gotta love how sweet the locals are here.

5. Bueng Chawak Aquarium 

Okay, I’ll admit it… I haven’t actually gone to this aquarium yet but I have heard wonderful things about it! It is about one hour north of Suphanburi. This does make it a little out of the way for travelers, but it is a place to do a “weekend trip” for anyone that does live in Suphanburi. Believe me, it’s on my travel list.

In April, I am planning a trip to an Elephant Sanctuary in Kanchanaburi and a week long getaway to Hanoi and Sapa in Vietnam! Stay tuned and thank you for reading! 🙂

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  1. Joya

    Love it! This list is so helpful for our rapidly approaching trip! Cant wait to see you! xo


    1. We are so excited to see you also! Gonna be a lot of fun! 🙂


  2. Eunice Dieter

    Thanks for the wonderful update. Guess I should come visit. Love, Nana


    1. Nana, I would love if you and Blake visited me!


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