Benefits & Challenges of Living Abroad

Life in Thailand is very different (this was to be expected of course), but it is by no means bad or worse than the USA. Like any typical “life changing” situation, I have learned so much more about myself and what I am capable of. I am completely outside of my comfort zone and I love it. Here is a list I have prepared about the good and bad aspects of teaching and living abroad (in Thailand particularly).


  • Thailand weather is hot and humid, you will sweat constantly
  • The Thai school system requires that you “pass” all students even if they are (technically) failing. This leaves some students with little to no motivation to do well in school
  • Lack of healthy food anywhere (I go into more depth on this subject here)
  • Lack of classroom structure or schedule, “go with the flow” type of mentality
  • Public transportation can be unreliable/confusing, there is no way to book tickets in advance
  • Most people do not speak English, it can be frustrating
  • Public restrooms usually have no toilet paper but do have a “hose”
  • Lack of sanitation, Phil and I both had food poisoning within a week of our stay (I was hospitalized)
  • Stray animals are everywhere, it can be heartbreaking to see
  • “Exercise culture” has yet to become mainstream
  • Laundry: washing machines, but no dryers
  • Air Pollution
  • Mosquitos


  • Living in a foreign country automatically makes you more interesting 😉
  • Sweat is cleansing and good for your skin, especially if you drink a lot of water
  • You will lose weight due to all the walking and sweating
  • Comfortable teacher salary (it is definitely possible to save money if you’re smart)
  • Free housing, my rent is paid for by the school I work at
  • Plenty of free time in between classes due to a relaxed schedule (i.e. get some hobbies)
  • Sporadically cancelled classes
  • Passing by students in the hallway and they stop everything to say, “good maaawwnning/aftttanoon teachaaaa!” or “teachaaaa beaaaautifulll!”
  • Time to travel throughout Thailand and neighboring countries
  • Paid vacation & sick days
  • Traveling is extremely affordable (bus tickets, plane tickets, hostels, etc.)
  • Cost of living is extremely affordable (groceries, transportation, phone/electric bills, etc.)
  • Thais are (for the most part) extremely friendly and welcoming to foreigners
  • Most buildings do have air conditioning or fans to help stay cool
  • Doctors are top notch in Bangkok and are extremely affordable compared to the USA (hello lasik eye surgery, teeth whitening, and laser hair removal)
  • Thai iced coffee
  • Cat cafes
  • Geckos


  1. Sheila Erb

    Wow Kailey❣ What an amazing adventure. I am so impressed with your courage and willingness to explore the world!


  2. Jeff & Linda

    Excited for your new adventure. Loved hearing about your life in Thailand, Keep posting so we can following.


    1. Thank you so much Jeff & Linda! I hope all is well on your end 🙂


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