Caturday Cat Cafe

After our wild monkey encounter in Lopburi the previous weekend, Phil and I wanted a new destination for a weekend adventure. Phil happened to have some friends in Bangkok visiting from Sri Lanka (where he spent most of his adolescent years since his father worked for the United Nations).

I had one place in mind I wanted to visit while in Bangkok, “Caturday Cat Cafe.”Thailand is home to over ten cat cafes. The very first cat cafe “Cat Flower Garden” opened in Taipei, Taiwan in 1998. The cafe became popular with the locals and attracted tourists from all over the world. A Japanese tourist brought the idea back to Japan, and the idea took off. Since most apartments in Japan forbid animals, cat cafes became a way to escape the stress of the busy and sometimes lonesome urban lifestyle. They have since then become extremely common in Asia and several have opened in the United States as well.

If it isn’t completely obvious from what you may have already read about me, I love cats. I grew up in a household surrounded with various kinds of pets. My mother was obsessed with animals; we had cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, and fish. Of all the animals I was surrounded by growing up, cats were always my favorite. A few months after I moved to San Diego I adopted my own cat and appropriately named her “Penny Lane.” (Side note: Penny Lane is now temporarily residing with my brother in California.) I miss my dear Penny immensely and needed a “cat fix.”

Before meeting up with Phil’s friends, we headed for Caturday first; only a ten minute taxi ride away from our room for the night at “Urban Age Hostel.” Before entering the cafe, we were instructed to take off our shoes and wash our hands for sanitary purposes. I was immediately overcome with joy when I peeked through the windows and saw cats playing, snoozing, and perched throughout the cafe. In total, the cafe has about 50 cats (although not all of the cats are in the main area at once). Caturday is a beautiful cafe. Giant “tree” play structures are placed throughout the center for the cats to jump, climb, play, and sleep on. The walls were decorated with bright and cheery cat art. There were baskets of cat toys throughout the cafe and visitors were encouraged to make use of them. Phil and I sat on the floor with our legs crossed and ordered cupcakes and coffee. While waiting for our desserts, we were free to get up and walk throughout the cafe. I had so much fun observing the cats and getting familiar with so many unusual breeds I had never seen before. There was one Munchkin, one massive Maine Coone, several Persians, and a couple of Scottish Folds. A few hours later Phil and I left (reluctantly) to go to downtown Bangkok for the remainder of the evening.

I loved this cafe and would highly recommend visiting if you are in Bangkok! I have posted photos below, enjoy!

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