Why would I decide to pick up my life (or even pause my life for that matter) and move to Asia? What inspired me to do such a thing? Why would I leave my family, friends, wonderful job, and comfortable life to live in a place so unknown? After spending three magical years in San Diego attending college I felt in my bones that it was time for a change. My inner voice was telling me I that needed to do something new. I needed a new challenge, to make myself uncomfortable. What do I mean by this, being “uncomfortable”? I believe that when we put ourselves in new and different environments (intentionally or unintentionally), we grow. Life is about embracing the unknown and learning something new, whether it be about yourself or others. It’s learning to appreciate a new culture, climate, language, or whatever it may be (I’ll insert some Kerouac or Christopher McCandless quotes later). This same feeling led me to filling up a backpack and wandering through Italy alone in college, to camping in the base of the Grand Canyon with a group of strangers, and to moving to a strange and unfamiliar city alone just months after my mother died.

So there I was, with my college graduation a few semesters away and I thought to myself, “what should my next move be?” Well, let’s see… there is graduate school, actually getting a job with my hard-earned degree, traveling (but where do I find the money to do this..?), volunteering, or moving back to my hometown in the Central Coast of California. To be honest, I didn’t want any of these options just yet. First, I wanted to travel… far. I love to travel. I daydream about traveling. I am always thinking about a trip to take or planning some sort of adventure. But of course, I would need to be earning some source of income simultaneously to fulfill this. How would I be able to travel and make money at the same time? I had heard of teaching abroad before through various friends and acquaintances, and it seemed like something I could see myself doing.

After months of research, planning, and several pro/con lists later I decided on Thailand. It wasn’t just because Thailand is one of the most gorgeous and unique places on the planet, or even that is extremely affordable and has delicious food. It was that I had never been to Asia and wanted to be thrown into the complete unknown. Before I knew it, I had been hired by a school in Suphan Buri, Thailand to teach “Conversational English” to high school students. My contract would begin November 1, 2015. So… I quit my job, moved out of my cozy apartment, gave my cat to my brother, put all my things in a storage unit, and bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok. I must be crazy.

It is here that I invite you to keep up with my journey, in Thailand or wherever life takes me!

xo, Kailey



  1. Robin Burdick

    LOVE your blog!!! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Robin, I really appreciate that!! I hope you are well:) Thank you for subscribing! Xoxo


  2. […] of writing about my travels in Thailand, but I have yet to touch on my experience teaching. In my first blog post, I explain the reasons behind why I wanted to teach abroad. Now, I would like to explain my […]


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